The New ‘VENOM’ Teaser is Here, But Something’s Missing

Sony has just released the first official teaser trailer for VENOM but Venom doesn’t make an appearance in it.

Fans have just been awarded their first peak at yet another upcoming Marvel film. VENOM is set to release October 5th later this year, but it already had fans excited before the teaser release. Many are eager to witness the next incarnation of the character after Topher Grace’s Venom in Spiderman 3. Now it’s Tom Hardy’s time to shine.


The teaser’s comments are flooded with questions and exclamations, all craving one peak at Venom.

One says, “We can’t even see Venom? Smh what’s the point.

Another, “Where is Venom? Nowhere in there. Lame.” 

The overall reaction to the Venom-less trailer might not be what Sony expected. Many comments refer to the teaser as “disappointing,” “a let down,” and “underwhelming.”

One comment reads. “If this didn’t have a title card I’d have no idea it was a Venom movie. Looks like a generic action movie.”

Some fans are still rooting for the film, but everyone will just have to wait for future trailers.

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