‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Strives To Be Better

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Personally, Jessica Jones is my favorite, dare I say “hero,” out of all of Neflix’s Marvel shows. (The Punisher is hands-down my favorite show!) She’s gritty, real, and what I would imagine a powered-woman to truly be. Struggling with PTSD of past events, those including Season One and The Defenders, Jones always finds her answers at the bottom of a bottle. Since the Battle of New York, also referred to as “The Incident,” lives of powered individuals have forever been changed. Heroes emerge from the rubble, but Jessica Jones just wants to do her job and drink.

Season One got me hooked and made Krysten Ritter the actual love-of-my-life. Personally, Kilgrave became one of my favorite Marvel villains with David Tennant’s portrayal. However, while this season did have it’s moments, character development, character introduction, and major plot revelations.

Obviously, the breakout star of the season is obviously Krysten Ritter. Her portrayal of the badass PI, Jessica Jones, is phenomenal as her character goes through a large range of emotions that Ritter handles flawlessly. Another favorite of the season is Janet McTeer as Alisa Jones, Jessica’s mother who was also experimented on by IGH resulting in powers, same as Jessica.

One of my main problems with the season is the lack of one, clear villain. As mentioned prior, Kilgrave really made his impression in Season One, so when Season Two rolled around with no distinct villain, it caused the season to falter. Dr. Malus and IGH, or more specifically Alisa, could be considered the villains for the first half, but with Alisa’s redemption arc with her daughter kind of derails that train. While Kilgrave did show up in one episode of the season, he basically stole the show, even as a simple delusion in Jessica’s head. Of course, there were minor villains such as Inez and Shane, or possibly even Trish, but after Kilgrave Jessica needed a direct evil to battle and focus on.

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Another issue I had was what seemed to be too many sub-plots, such as with Jeri Hogarth and her ALS diagnosis and thus her route to treat via Shane. I feel as though a lot of the show revolved around Trish and her struggles with addiction, struggles as a teen star including statutory rape, her downward spiral, and her desire to be a hero. While the focus on Trish does bring about a possibility of seeing Hellcat on screen in Season Three, the show isn’t It’s Patsy. This route, of non-powered citizens feeling less than and trying to alter themselves, has been explored in other superhero shows and alluded to in the series. However, I will say that creating Trish as the villain in Season Three will be epic.

Despite some missteps, I did really enjoy the season, but I think it’ll always be hard to top a smash hit first season in any instance. Personal favorites this season included Malcom and the flashbacks into Jessica’s past were we got to see her actually happy prior to Kilgrave. Top moments included the origin story of her company name and her leather jacket. This season really filled my need for a good binge and I don’t regret watching it in any way. Currently, all I’m doing is waiting for season three.

Overall, Jessica Jones is worth the binge, no doubt. Who doesn’t love a badass lady?

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