‘Avengers Infinity War’ Review – Spoiler Free

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This review contains NO SPOILERS in respect for the amazing creation by Marvel Studios. Please, if you haven’t already, go see Infinity War. #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

Rating: 11/10

Avengers Infinity War is definitely the most anticipated film of 2018 and perhaps the decade, since it was 10 years in the making. Leaving the film left me empty, yet full. All of my concerns of how the studio would handle such a mash up of casts molded by different directors, promptly disappeared. Never have I been so anxious and excited for a Marvel film.


The Russo Brothers obviously heard concerns of past Marvel films. Whether that be the lack of memorable scores/music, no stakes in the fictional world, or having drama be undercut by jokes. This time around the comedy has great timing in the film and Drax truly shines as the comedic relief without being annoying. But… they really hammer the Avengers theme into your head. Like literally, every thirty seconds CUE THE AVENGERS THEME. Truthfully I actually found it pretty annoying once you realize how often it plays. Like any time an original Avengers does anything…DUN DUN DUN DUN dun dun dun.


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However, the film really shatters your expectations. Each actor and actress strengthen their roles with dedicated performances. Tom Holland continues to impress me with his performance as Peter Parker/SpiderMan and Chris Evans will always have a place in my heart (especially with that beard). Yet again, another great villain is produced and executed. The film also continues the story lines of each character pretty well, picking up not exactly where they left off, but giving enough context clues to as how the characters arrived at that point. If that makes sense.

Films like this are too hard to talk about in full review without spoilers. Just know that the film does not have many faults. I gave it 11/10 because my little geek-girl heart felt so full and overwhelmed with the film. I know this isn’t much a review, but this is one of those films that you know will be good and that will be enjoyed. So, obviously no spoilers because I don’t want anyone experience ruined. Even though mine was ruined by a terrible AMC employee who thought it was a good idea to discuss spoilers on opening night. :)))))) Although, I’m definitely going to see it again, at least 10 more times.


So perhaps, my first spoiler-filled review is soon to come?

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