Stream It or Skip It: ‘Tragedy Girls’ ‘Power Rangers’ & ‘Before I Fall’

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Tragedy Girls (2017) Dir. Tyler MacIntyre

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I went into the film expecting it to be a trashy B-Movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. It a fun take on slasher films, similar to Scream and mimicking the parody Scary Movie franchise. The film has a lot of expectation subversion, yet I could still tell you exactly how the film ended. It was still a fun watch.

Alexandra Shipp and Brianna Hildebrand deliver a fun performance that doesn’t take anything too serious. Tragedy Girls turns horror tropes on their heads and overall just has fun with it all. There’s some great dolly zooms and some social commentary. Give it a watch.

Available for streaming on Hulu.



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Power Rangers (2017) Dir. Dean Israelite

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Banking on audience’s nostalgia for the cheesy television series, Power Rangers aims to create a more real-world adaptation of the rangers. By giving the characters ‘grittier’ backgrounds and diverse character traits, the film ends up seeming like a product of the CW. I will give the film props for featuring a black teen on the autism spectrum as a superhero, as well as a queer Latina (even if it’s subtly queerbait).

It’s not the best film available for streaming, but I wouldn’t entirely skip it. Mainly for the diverse cast and nostalgia factor, or maybe I’m just biased because I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger growing up.  However, the film does have it faults and overall it doesn’t seem too memorable. Yet, I would still recommend it, just to see it, if anything.

Available for streaming on Hulu.


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Before I Fall  (2017) Dir. Ry Russo-Young

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Before I Fall seems to be yet another teen movie that strives to be so much more with its soft cinematography and its muted, blue-toned color palette. Although, I did enjoy Zoey Deutch in the film, despite her being trapped in yet another faux creation of what high school is and how teens interact. Most of the characters are unlikable and despite reliving the same day over an over again, they are all one dimension minor characters.

I wanted to like the film, since its composition was so well done, but after the credits I just felt unaffected. Which shouldn’t be the result after watching a film. Personally, that’s where I think the film fell flat. The film builds up almost to nothingness, all while trying to teach a lesson.

Available for streaming on Hulu.


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