‘Teen Titans Go! To The Movies’ Review

Rating: 5/10

Growing up, there was a moment where Teen Titans was my go-to show. There was no one else I wanted to be when I grew up besides Starfire (okay, maybe Raven too). As a child, I would watch reruns on reruns, just daydreaming about kicking butt with my superhero pals. So, when the reboot Teen Titans Go! aired, I was excited to see my faves back in action. However, I was sadly disappointed as the once classic crime fighters were reduced to cookie-cutter animation and minion-level humor.

Devastated and tried to avoid Beast Boy and Cyborg’s fart jokes and pie-loving at all costs, protesting #notmyteentitans until I die. Yet had seen the trailer for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies on YouTube when it first came out and I was both genuinely intrigued and disgusted. It looked like the film would be completely self-aware of all superheroes and the ‘plague’ of superhero films. To be completely honest, it looked funny.

After some time after its release, I saw great feedback. Both its audience and critic rating was surprisingly high. So, of course, I convinced some people to go, which took some time. I hope that explains the delay for my viewing.

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To summarize the film, I would probably characterize the film as 40% actual content and 60% bad comedy AKA fart jokes. I will admit that my friends and I were laughing for a good bit of it, but the comedy was pretty stupid, obviously since the film is directed towards a young demographic. There were some good bits, including a Deadpool name drop and the very first Stan Lee cameo in a DC film. Along with some background sight gags, which included a promo poster for “AquaManatee,” an obvious parody of the new Aquaman film.

Overall, the film makes fun of its own genre by calling out the tropes and the unrealistic reality of superheroes and villains. In a way it is reminiscent of Kingsman: The Secret Service, just not as good. Stuffed with pop culture references, it brings up the surplus of superhero movies and how it seems like every hero gets their own film, which is mainly what Teen Titans Go! To The Movies centers around. It even calls out it’s own content, explaining why the Titans were the only ‘heroes’ not to be rewarded with a film. They were simply a joke, labelled as sidekicks.

I did enjoy the film, to some degree. It seems like something I’d watch during a sleepover at 2 a.m. However, what made it all worth it was the post-credit sequence (because apparently this is a Marvel movie). Which hints at the return of the original series! Are you screaming yet, because I am.

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Hopefully, the comeback of the original, whether it be a series or another film release, will be fantastic. With the adaptations of the Titans being Teen Titans Go! and Titans, they seem to be on either end of the spectrum. One filled with farts and the other being a gritty CW-esque nail-biter.

Either way, Robin and Starfire 4 lyfe.


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