MoviePass Vs. AMC A-List

Back in January, when I first signed up for MoviePass, I was head over heels. With my personalized debit card, I was seeing up to 3 movies a week. I was in the small percentage of users that took advantage of “one movie per day.” Slowly however, I stopped using my MoviePass account to purchase tickets. Mainly because I needed to buy them in advance before certain films sold out, but also because my options slowly became unavailable. In February, I made a post questioning whether or not MoviePass was too good to be true and right now, it looks like it might’ve been.

MoviePass has been pretty public about its companies struggles in keeping the business afloat. I had been getting constant alerts and emails about updates in my MoviePass plan. All of a sudden, I could only view a movie one time and had to take photos of my ticket stubs. As a fan of multiple viewings, I was already unhappy. When they announced “peak pricing” during Mission Impossible‘s release and an entirely new business module, I lost hope.

When I signed up for my subscription, the deal was that for $9.95/month, I could see one 2D movie per day. Currently, MoviePass’s main plan is $9.95/month for up to three viewings per month. While that still might be great for most casual viewers, there is a catch. Viewings are select and films must correspond to a daily list of films. So, if you wanted to watch A Star Is Born, but it wasn’t on the list for the day, looks as if you’re paying out-of-pocket.

Well, if you’re an avid movie-goer, just like myself. I’d like to introduce you to AMC A-List.  During my MoviePass days, I had heard of theater chains trying to replicate what MoviePass was doing, but I paid no attention. That was until I was watching a video by Let Me Explain, ranking about movie theater subscriptions. I was intrigued and thought I would give it a try, at least.

For $19.99 + tax/month, AMC A-List allows three movies per week, which ends up being around total of 12 movies a month. No movies are restricted to format, there are no blackout days, and users are able to reserve seats ahead of time on the AMC app. I would like to refer to this subscription as “Godsent,” as I’ve gone ahead and seen an average of two films per week with A-List. I’ve also already gone ahead and reserved my seats for some premieres such as A Star is Born and Venom a month in advance.

Image result for a list amc premiere

The best part of the subscription is undoubtedly the fact that you are being awarded AMC stubs points for the monthly charge. Which has already accumulated a couple of rewards for me. A-List has all the perks of Stubs Premiere, which includes fast lanes for concessions, complimentary concession upgrades, and waived online ticket fees. Which are all great amenities. My personal favorite being the waived ticket fees, which can add up over time if you consider it. My friends also really enjoy the perk, as I’d buy the tickets in advance, gaining them a cheaper ticket and points for myself.

I’ve already gone ahead and cancelled my MoviePass subscription and switched over to AMC A-List. I suggest that you do it too, as it’s gotten me more excited about my movie-going experience and pushed me to go more regularly. Even for the average viewer, who maybe sees one movie a month, I believe it’s worth it. For two tickets, it cost me around $25 dollars. If you’re not up for the price, I recommend just looking into it. When you’re watching a flick this weekend, just inquire about the program with one of the staff members.



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